Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP)

Are you having problems paying your telephone bill? The Minnesota Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP) may help. This program provides eligible Minnesota subscribers with a monthly $7.00 credit on the voice service of the telephone bill. The credit is applicable on the home telephone number listed in the applicant's name and is limited to one benefit per household.

Am I Eligible for TAP?

Applicant must be the responsible party for telephone service and has the same eligibility requirements as the Federal Lifeline Program (please see Federal Lifeline eligibility requirements).

How Do I Apply?

If you meet the eligibility requirements and sign the application form, attach proof of eligibility and mail to Nextera Communications.

Could I Become Ineligible?

When you no longer participate in any of the qualifying programs, or your income increases, you are no longer eligible for these discounts. You are obligated by law to notify Nextera Communications and the credits will be removed from your account.

Visit the MN Public Utilities Commission website for more information.