Datacenter & Colocation

Data Center Colocation Services

Nextera’s colocation service provides companies with flexible, secure and carrier-grade facility to colocate your Voice equipment, Internet, and/or Data Networking; connecting to our state-of-the-art IP infrastructure. Colocating your equipment with Nextera provides security and fail-safe provisions. Nextera offers flexible options designed to grow with your business and help keep your network operating at the highest performance levels.

  • Fully or partially-enclosed, lockable cabinets.
  • Climate controlled with monitoring and HVAC failure detection.
  • Fire Suppression systems.
  • UPS and generator power backup.
  • Restricted physical access with alarm systems.
  • High speed data connectivity to the Internet.

  • Multiple high-speed upstream network connections to help prevent down time and to ensure that your servers and equipment are accessible at all times.
  • Guaranteed power provided by battery UPS and generators to keep your equipment up and running in the event of a commercial power failure.
  • Affordable alternative to building out your own space. Leave the security and environmental protection systems to us.
  • Flexible space and power options.
  • Fast, simple set-up and deployment of service.



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What is VoIP?

Simply put, VoIP is a way of using the same communications protocol to carry voice traffic as the internet does for data traffic.

When you place a call on a VoIP network, your voice is digitized and broken up into “voice packets” that move across the network in a way that’s similar to data packets.